Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nearly the first two weeks is completed

The timetable is nearly run for the first time and most people have found the dates and times and are sorted with memory sticks and folders. Those of you who are following work for the 'unknown' 11 plus will have printed off the two PDF manuals and have put them into the folders, whilst the others will have work on the memory stick either to print off or to work on depending upon the type of file it is.

Remember, the EXCEL math work sheets are read only and once you have completed them [do them on the computer so the program can self mark each question] remember you cannot save them and will have to print them off.

Once done, put them in the TO DO section so I can 'do' the checking and then file in the correct place. This way I know what you have completed and can make a mental note if certain things have not come in and possibly need to be re-explained or worked on.

PDF units will have to be run off unless you have PDF Writer installed on your computer, only then can you add text boxes into the spaces and do the work on screen.

I am being asked about what happens at Half term and do I work through or what do I do?

The answer is, I stop just the same as the schools do and allow the children to have a break. As the year progresses then some of the holidays will be used for all those following the 11 plus course, especially June half term and of course the summer. The rest of the time I too will be taking a break so as to re-charge ready for the next term.

There have been so many smiles leaving the house, it is once more a pleasure to be working with so many children. As a present from one of my student's mum's last year said;
A teacher changes the world one child at a time.
If I can support children into realising their potential and give them space in which to excel to whatever level that maybe and have fun at the same time, then I do feel that statement is a fair one indeed.

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