Sunday, October 20, 2013

It has to be said to you all who have just passed

The results are in and so many have done well again this year; to you all, very well done and good luck in your choice of school, I hope you all get the place you really want.

To the parents of this year's cohort, well we still have to see what it is your children will have to sit, but if the last two years of papers are anything to go by then the hardest will be that maths paper. Again this year, the students found this very stretching and even those who will be going on to gain level 5/6 at the end of year 6 have commented on how hard it was compared with anything they have done in school.
It does give the impression they are pushing for the very elite and for us to have a fair chance we need to stretch our children as far as possible. By that I do not mean hours of sitting doing maths, that would kill any love they have for the subject but we have to challenge them and when they get stuck be careful how much of the, 'finding out for themselves' we do for them.
I will be giving you some ideas and references for good videos and websites to view so as to insure the basics; once these are in place then they can be built upon.
So watch this space and to all of you who have done so well..........
my thanks to Google images as always a mine of good information and fun!

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