Thursday, October 31, 2013

An interesting website

One of my students alerted me to this site (thanks George) so I am passing it on to you. It seems to have a great deal of learning style games which would be useful for many areas of arithmetic and the beginnings of algebra. It appears to be suitable for all Primary ages, so picking the games is something we need to do before letting your son or daughter loose on it.
The website is American, as so many of them are, and here is the link - Sheppardsoftware 
I have taken you to the Homepage so you are able to see all the areas this website covers and as you can see it is more than just a maths site. I haven't as yet explored all areas but I would suggest you have a look and think of all the areas your children could find it useful, from pre-school up to and including year 6.
As to the maths, some of it is useful to year 4 students whilst others will be useful to years 5 and 6. I will use some of these in the lessons and give an indication of which games to play in the homework so you are aware of what I am picking; this does not stop you from having a look and doing some of the games with them and then let them do it on their own. They are good tools and will support the child well. Think of their school work, are there areas there where a game of this would help consolidate? Remember, like dolphins, they have to be rewarded with play.
Another website which I often recommend, but only to those who are aware it caries a membership fee, is
 IXL, a site which was originally exclusively American but now has an English UK equivalent. At about £60 for the year, it offers a wide range of math support and work, but beware, this can be a bit of  "death by worksheets" and that will drive many children mad, bored and ultimately switched off, so if you do decide to invest in this site, keep the word VARIATION firmly at the front of your mind.
At the moment I am joining SumDog, a teaching tool which will allow me to set work for students which they can access from home. At the moment, I am still learning and inputting details of who does what, and as soon as I have set everything in motion I will let you all know and then give you access.
I have gone in as a school, so we will be known as Jobelltutoring.
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday and I will see you all starting next week.

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