Monday, September 23, 2013

....and it all starts again this evening

Welcome one and all to another year and to another group of students working towards their own excelling. Let this be a great year for us all.

I realise this is THE night of beginning tutoring but there are a few bits and pieces I would like to tell you about before the term proceeds much further.

Firstly, if your child doesn't have access to a memory stick, then they will require one when they come to me. As there is always the possibility of having MP4 files placed onto it, can I suggest they have access to one which is about 8GB rather than the smaller ones; I have found MP4 files can crash smaller memory sticks. Most of the files I use are PDF or MP3/4 but there will be some files which are Windows orientated, and require WORD and/or EXCEL.

Every child, whatever the year, will need to have a folder of some description, and those who are on the 11+ course will really benefit from having a lever arch file instead of the ordinary ring binder. Yes, they will fill one of those and it is, in many ways, a false economy to have a smaller one as they break when they get too full.

Dividers are always useful and a set of say 5 or 6 is perfect. Buy the relatively good ones if you can as the cheaper, paper ones do disintegrate very quickly if they are used much, and in these folders they will get used a great deal.

Dates are displayed at least for the term [in old money, the half term], and I would ask you to keep an eye on when your child is due to come. Although the classes are regular, I do not take into account the holidays when running the two week cycle, so it is important you check the dates across holidays especially.

Any other important information is also displayed in the same place and I would ask you to make sure you check the board on a regular basis so as to be up to date with any changes that occur, or holiday dates you can book in for.

And that is about it. I am hoping everyone is primed as to the dates [ I did contact everyone either by text or by email] and that you find your way to me with out any problems.

To those returning, welcome back, I look forward to catching up on what's been happening since I was last with you, and to those coming for the first time, I look forward to meeting you and getting to know both you and your children.

See you all shortly,

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