Thursday, July 4, 2013


Another example of what a year 5 student can produce by themselves. This was edited and re-drafted by the girl herself and you can see , very well structured and written.


            My favourite hobby is baking. I have been doing it since a very young age. I especially enjoy licking the bowl at the end!

          I love baking cakes, because I love stirring the mixture together, decorating and of course eating them! There is a large variety of cakes. Large cakes, small cakes, and lots more. My favourite cake is the Victoria sponge, which I make from my favourite recipe book – Mary Berry. I make it every two to three weeks!  I think I like this type of cake the most because it is a plain sponge, with nice jam and is just so nice!!!!

          The second thing I love making is bread. My favourite part in the process of bread making is making and then rolling the dough out.  Bread smells so yummy when cooking and makes me feel quite hungry!

          Now weighing the ingredients is fun, but the best part about it is that it can help with your maths as you can soon learn how many ml in a litre and so on.

          Another thing I enjoy when baking is the mixing stage.  I enjoy this part because it makes me feel relaxed and calm.  It can also be exciting as, as you mix different ingredients together, the mixture can change and after a while it can get incredible hard or soft, depending what you add! 

I cannot resist the temptation of a cheesecake with a raspberry on the top.  Cheesecakes are really the only desserts I make, but I love the whole process- especially when I crush all the biscuits to make the base.

          Baking for Children in Need has got to be one thing I am extremely proud of. This is because, firstly I really enjoy making the biscuits and secondly because I really love to see the faces of people when they try my biscuits!

Another time when I was proud was when I make biscuits and cakes for the teachers at Christmas as their presents.  I made cup cakes and lovely  crystallized stem ginger biscuits.  I felt very happy, as the teachers liked them so much.

Lastly, I recently did some baking for Comic Relief.   My mum took the cookies I made to work and sold them to raise some money .  In total I raised £32.00 !

So baking is lots of fun, you can make so many different nice things and also you can raise money for Charity.

By Sasha ******

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