Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An update

For those who are working towards their 11+ this year; I know we are reaching the end of term and for some of you, you have already finished. If you are going on holiday and want to take some work with you, please let me know and I will place it on the memory stick. 

They will be things you can do for say 15 minutes and then go and have fun so don't panic. I wont give you stuff which will take hours! Promise!

For those of you who are due to come to me in September/October, the dates have gone out to all bar two people [they came last year and know day and time but not date] so can you please get back to me asap and let me know if the days and times are OK. As I have said in the email, the wriggle room is so limited this year, I am really struggling to move anyone, anywhere, but if there are real crisis, then I will do my utmost so solve the problem. Please, let me know quickly so I can confirm as many as possible and attempt to sort the others.

Thanks for your patience, this is always a logistical nightmare and I like to please as many people as I can whilst placing the students with someone who is commensurate with their skills level.

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