Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Almost the end of the year and time to sort the timetable...

I think this is the most topsy turvy time of year; at one end there is the exhilaration of the successes I am watching around me as students pass into the zone of success and reaching their potential and the worry of getting the new timetable to suit as many parents and children as possible for next year...... and it's never easy. Bear with me, the constraints this year are greater than ever, especially as so many students wished to stay with me as they go into their secondary school, or are embarking upon their GCSE courses and want that extra bit of something as they work through.
So the tests you all did are in and the results will be sent out to you asap, but what I can give you is the averages in all four areas so when you get the results for your child you can review it against something.
As you will see, the range is wide and for those of you whose scores have come in low, it could mean many things (not being familiar with the question types, having a melt down at the tests themselves, or just not really able to do them because they were 'hard'). I will use the scores and any of you who have CATs scores (most recent if possible) to balance up the pairs.
As a warning, there could be some of you who will not get onto the timetable unless I can persuade you to take times later than requested. It is VERY tight this year.

Maths VR nonVR
highest score 76% 83% 78% 90%
lowest score 26% 19%  23% 26%
median average 48% 53% 52% 56%

To pass the 11+  78% in all areas
levels required 5c or above by end of year 6*

* expect to see students at level 5c in time for the 11+ exam at start of their Year 6 and then progress on from there as the year progresses

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