Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am now full for September 2013

I just want to thank everyone for their prompt returns with regards the 11+ practice papers for next year's intake and I am delighted to be able to say all who have submitted their papers have a place with me and I will begin to sort the timetable out over the next two weeks.

If you haven't finished or haven't sent the papers back I have to say I am now full and can offer no more spaces.

I will be setting up elearning classes this year and will notify people about the connection via this blog so if people are interested in gaining help and support via the internet then there will be classes made available. These will be pre-recorded with information on how to do various skills in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and maths specifically.
If you didn't make the cut then I am very sorry but there has been an unprecedented demand this year and I am unable to cater for all inquiries.
To those who didn't make it may I suggest you take a look at the website 11+ swot which I have a very great regard for. It will support your child in much of what is likely to come up in the exam and maybe another route worth exploring.

To those already registered with me, I would suggest this is a good support to the work you will do with me as they give plenty of opportunity to explore and develop the various skills demanded in verbal and non-verbal reasoning as well as some of the maths skills which often catch them out.

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