Thursday, June 6, 2013

A boy and a computer

Once upon a time there were children whose favourite thing was a doll, a toy gun or a space-ship, but no more; now it is a Blackberry, a computer and perhaps a bike, skates or scooter.
Here, we have an example of a young man in year 5, given the opportunity to write about anything he enjoyed and the computer gaming section came to the fore immediately. The work was written by hand and corrections to punctuation have come from the computer itself; one day he will do more on the computer and type all his work too. When that day comes his true writing ability will leap even further forward than it is now. He has already improved his skills and as many of you will be aware, a boy writing anything at this age is unusual...... this is a good piece of writing and gives an insight into the mind of a boy of this age.

What I like doing most by Daniel *****

My favourite pastime is playing on a computer, its really fun and exciting there’s always more things to do. One of my favourite games is Minecraft, a game about survival. I often find myself playing on a website called **** which lets you play loads of different games such as Alter, Super Mario Bros Crossover 3, Pacman and more.

The way I found out about these websites is because my friends talked non-stop about them so I gave them arty. My friends are the ones who often give me ideas of what to do or play but some games are too violent and age restricted to 16+.  My friends are nice people not perfect but amazing, but their ideas can be a bit extreme.

My sister doesn’t use the computer that much so that gives me a fair amount of time to play. I am very interested in how a computer works and would some day like to be a mechanic learning how to turn the screen off and on without normal buttons, how future computers will work, and the amount of electricity is needed to power on and the sites people use for curiosity.

I am going to explain how Minecraft works. Survival mode is the mode where you have every item you can ever have. Hardcore mode is where if you die you can’t be reborn. In multi-player you can play with other people.

Now I am going to explain how you play Mario Cross Over. You can play as Zelda, Mario and some other people whose names I don’t remember and other than that it is pretty much like Mario.

I also enjoy the computer because it is a way to read and find the latest information.

Over all a computer is fun, exciting and has other useful features.

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