Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year and a 'new' timetable

Well, not as dramatic as it sounds but there are some changes so please make sure you are aware of them. Most of the changes have already been arranged but there are a few where times have altered, so please, see if that's you.

May half term holiday sees a real change; those who are not on the 11+ course leave me and those taking the 11+ start coming to me every week. This timetable is now published and on the board for you to check. Please let me know is there are any impossibilities, but as you will see from the timetable there is no real room for changes, so your requests may not be possible I am afraid, although I will do my very best to fit your requirements.
Those who will be leaving will need to let me know if they wish to return next academic year. I am aware of a couple but the remainder, unless you specify, I will presume will not be returning.

So, to all my clients old and new, may I wish you all a wonderful New Year, may it be prosperous, successful and filled with happiness and joy.

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