Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dara just keeps catching a dragon

Dara has created so many endings but this is a beauty, using the words from the lists in such a way as to show she really knows their meaning. The way she has structured it is very good as well and leads one to estimate high levels for her construction and content.. This is what a 10 year old can do, and its at the top with the other excellent ones I have the pleasure of reading.

..... It was absurd! He couldn't ride a dragon if he was scared of heights. It was really feeble that he couldn't.
He heard a peculiar noise that sounded like no other. It came from the Forbidden land outside of his island.  He knew he really needed his father's consent to go over and visit the other island; otherwise he would have angry neighbours and an angry dad. Not so good at this time.
He thought to himself I will go over anyway, that noise doesn't sound very tranquil. He went to find his friend Seamus, (who owned a boat) and Dara had to persuade Seamus to go, eventually Seamus said yes and Dara got his bridle and saddle just in case, and they set off!
When they got there it started to rain, and as quick as a flash they saw a lump of something. They poked it and it jumped. IT WAS A DRAGON!
"Oops!" said Dara. "WOAH!" said Seamus. The dragon licked Dara's hand and he jumped in shock. 15 minutes later Dara liked the dragon and he decided to take him for a spin. "Bad idea...." Seamus said. There was a debate and the dragon managed to stop it by roaring and burning down a tree. Dara then realised that the odd noise was the dragon's roaring fire.
Dara named the dragon, Fire Cracker. He fixed on the saddle and the bridle was strapped to Fire Cracker's nose and they flew off. All over the villages! They boys that dared him to ride a dragon were staring at him in disbelief. When Dara landed the boys had made him a veil to wear whenever he's riding his dragon. The boys wanted to unite with Dara so they had a cool friend that could ride a dragon.
Do you know what Dara did then? Made them learn how to ride a dragon....

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