Sunday, May 12, 2013

This year's 11 plus exam

Good news! It seems KCC have decided to leave the format for this year, so we will have the three areas as expected with a story of some kind rather than the possible change to grammar and punctuation. This does mean if your son or daughter still resists story writing, or has problems getting something down on paper to a level 4a standard and he/she is borderline, this will go against them.

Regardless of whether KCC had changed or not, the level of English is important and all grammars like their students to be at level 4a/5c so there is a building block on which they can hang their expectations, not only in English lessons, but also in all the other subjects where writing is a component part.

If you feel you need to address their level of English and would like to know a good book to work from, then I would suggest you look at CGP books where you will find the range of 11 plus support materials they have produced.

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