Monday, April 22, 2013

This year's 11+ students

As yet they have not made it clear what they are going to do with the English component of the tests; up until now it has been a story which has only been marked if the child was borderline.
Now, with the feeling that standards in English is falling, there is a push to bring those who will be going to grammar schools to be at a similar standard to those who will have had the advantage of a private primary education.
I have a feeling they will replace the story with a comprehension and that it WILL count. I cannot prove my statement but I do believe it is the only way they can move forward and satisfy the DfES.
As a consequence I am going to recommend a comprehension book which is quite cheap to buy and freely available in most bookshops and internet providers; Schofield and Sims: KS2 Comprehension 3 which is currently available on Amazon at less than £3. It is an excellent book and will give them plenty of practice at the level they require.
It will also stand them in good stead for next year when they do their end of KS2 exams ready for the secondary school; for grammar school they need to be comfortably working at level 5 or above for them to be able to keep up with the pace expected of them when they get there.

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