Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Calling all year 4s

The unit we have been doing on creating and costing a party is quickly coming to an end and the final piece is to produce a story called, "Now the party is over". This is proving to be quite a tough one for some of you so what I have done is create a starting point of a story so as to give you an idea how you can turn this into a piece of fiction writing.
The party I was doing was a dinner party for a group of my friends and it was in the winter so the weather caught them...... anyway read the opening and see if you can use some of these ideas as a starting point for yours.....

Now the party is over…..

I came downstairs and looked around the living room. Covered in people, sleeping bags and snoring, the majority of my friends decided they may as well stay over rather than face the snow which had been falling all night. Now I stumbled into the kitchen and started hunting out the bread and the toaster.
The phone rang and one of the sleepy heads woke up enough to find the phone and answer it, “Hello, yes, um, yes, she’s here do you want to talk to her she’s still asleep? OK I’ll tell her you called,” and with that the room went quiet.
I started the toaster; the smell of cooking bread wafted out into the living room and people started stirring. Scratching their heads they stumbled into the kitchen and looked for plates, cups, the tea/coffee and all the things which make life worth living first thing in the morning.

When you start writing your story make it as interesting and as descriptive as you can. If you can place humour in it then please do, its always great to read something which has humour in it.........

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