Saturday, July 21, 2012

The summer is here and it is time to get creative! How many different games, outings and plans have you ready to occupy the children this summer? And if its going to be a wet one, what are you planning on doing when they cannot go outside and play football, or go out and skateboard or whatever?

One of the best ideas I can suggest is to find a hobby they would like to take up and let them experiment with it this summer. There are so many different courses being run by the local authorities now it seems silly not to take up the opportunity of perhaps sailing, canoing, rock climbing or absailing. Let them stretch their bodies and their imaginations and they will return to school in the autumn refreshed and stimulated ready to take on the next level of learning.
If we allow them to sit in front of the 'box' all day, whether that be a gamming maching or the TV, they will vegetate and their brains stop. They will return to school having regressed rather than progressed, a soul destrying state to be in as they will find they are repeating so much of the work they had succeeded at before the summer.
Whilst you are entertaining your children I will be getting ready for the new intake of students, preparing units of work which are designed to stimulate, enhance and enrich their learning. This year there will be many things on offer - MP3 files on various skills, PowerPoints where topics are explained and methodology explored, pdf files of work books and supporting audio files, games, projects and so much more......
So watch this space and I will let you know what is happening here in Tonbridge, and if you are interested, you too could explore some of the teaching materials with you own children as they come on line?
Have a great holiday and I hope you manage to avoid the rain.

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