Saturday, July 21, 2012

That time of year again

Its that time of year when children are lost in books and examinations and parents can do nothing but sit back an hope everything has been done and they perform to the best of their ability.
Did they revise hard enough? Did they understand those bits of math they struggled with? Will the hay fever be good and not give them streaming eyes in the examination hall?
Meanwhile the teachers are running around hoping their students have learnt it all and have sent the time revising. The stand with hope in their hearts that the students will perform to the best of their ability and show the world just how good they are.
And in the middle of all of this there are the children themselves, trying hard to do their best and not let anyone down especially their teachers and their parents. Scared they haven't done enough and cramming in the last few facts they can.
So what next?
This holiday, unless you are the parent of year 5 student who is taking their 11+ in the September, let them have that well earned rest away from everything educational and be total rebels for just those few weeks before it all starts again.
Once upon a time being a child was fun filled days of playing and having fun with friends and family; now it seems we have moved into a world of high pressure, where anorexia is becoming a tell tale sign of stress and anxiety amongst our very young. This level of stress was once the province of the Japanese children as they fought for those few chosen places at the very top schools, now it has spread and the need for degrees and masters is taking on the sensation of necessity rather than vocation.

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