Monday, March 18, 2013

Prizes for "Tempting Fate"

The following students have won themselves and Easter Egg for their stories using the title "Tempting Fate". Not only have they created excellent stories, all are demonstrating grammar and sentence structure to very high levels. I was also delighted with the humour some of them used as well as character development; with a couple of the stories I began to feel as if I was seeing through the writer's eyes. This is indeed a great skill to have and in people still in Year 5, this is talent shining through.

What I really wanted for Christmas was a sledge! In the past years it has snowed. I had seen children playing in the snow on their sledges and so that was why I wanted one for Christmas.......

It was Christmas Eve. I bounced upstairs because I was so excited. I started sorting out my presents. A wave of dread loomed over me like a dark cloud; a burden hung heavy on my shoulders........

It was the 5th January when Megan and Kate were out for a ramble with their dog, Rover. However, they had chosen the wrong day, there was a blizzard warning saying there would be snow covering half the country as deep as I am thick (tall)............

It was a horrible, rainy morning and we were either going to go for a walk or, if it was raining, we were going swimming . 

"Mum, I'm sure we are going to go swimming today," I said.
"That's tempting fate, the sun may come out," she replied..............

One person, outside of the year 5 group deserves a special mention, and that is Lucy in year 4. The quality of literacy is exceptional and she will also receive an egg for the stories she has be producing; here is the opening few lines of her latest story on the day after a party;

It was nine o'clock in the morning and I had only just woken up.I staggered downstairs and heard mum in the kitchen.
"There's quite a lot of mess in the living room Lucy, start clearing up will you and I will come and help in a while."
I started hoovering up some of the mess, which had engulfed the vast landscape, until I saw and vigorously shook a raggedy, dirty tea-towel and started to remember what we had done with it.

The story developed into a remembering of the night's highlights and the fun they had all had, finishing with the line;

"Mum, what should I do with this old tea-towel?" I groaned.

Clever, Lucy, clever.

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