Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yet more amazing work from 10 year olds

I have had so many pieces of work in lately that I wanted to share some other ideas with you. This one came from a girl called Sasha, and her ideas were, in my mind, very creative. Again we are dealing with Dara and riding a dragon, but this way is very different from that see in a recent film. Here she has thought outside the box and although she admits she has used a bit of the Harry Potter idea she has created somethign fresh and original.

………ride a dragon.

Dara thought a lot about how he could catch a dragon. He thought it would be an ordeal as dragons were enormous.

After Dara sat on the hill for a long time, he felt someone was watching him from behind. Suddenly a little man appeared from nowhere. He looked a little peculiar with a long white beard, and a blue long pointed hat with stars on it. Dara then realized that this creature was a wizard!

“Hello” said the wizard with a croak in his voice “my name is Blaize”. Dara thought that the wizard looked more friendly and might be able to help him with his plan. “Can you help me?” asked Dara to the wizard, “I am trying to catch a dragon”.   “Yes said the wizard, here is a potion …….” Oh exclaimed Dara!
……..”it is in a bottle and you must pour it carefully into  a bowl and wait for it to magically turn into a tasty dinner for the dragon.  The dragon will soon come !  The wizard then disappeared.

Dara thought it was a cunning plan to trap a dragon.
He emptied the bottle over the bowl and waited until it became food. All of a sudden a green and bright orange dragon appeared with fire exploding out of its mouth.  The dragon saw the food and immediately stooped down low to swallow the food all up. Dara quickly dropped his net over the creature and at last he had his dragon!

The potion from the wizard must have been magic as the dragon suddenly became friendly and he let Dara put his saddle and bridle on him and soon they were flying high in the air over the quaint village below.

He had done it!

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