Thursday, October 21, 2010

And the scores are in......

What a wonderful time for so many pupils in Kent; the scores are in and many are wandering around with big grins because they can go for the grammar they had wanted.
I have had such pride in watching the students I have taught collect their results and smile with satisfaction as they have found out they have passed, some finding they have enough get to the most selective grammars in the borough. To all of you, can I say here, just how proud of you I am and how pleased I am to say, "YES!" and sing the opening lines of the song, Congratulations.

I would also like to say well done to those who may not have passed but have improved their scores by such a large amount they are being moved up sets now they are in year 6. Even if you do not pass the 11+ the work will not have gone to waste and your overall performance in all subjects will have improved. Well done, and enjoy being one of the ones in the top sets when you go to the secondary school!
I won't have a role call of all the names of people who have passed and studied with me here at jobell tutoring, that is up in my Quiet Room, and I wont mention the names of the ones who improved their NFeR scores by over 8 points, but safe to say I am proud of you all and most of all I want to say.......


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